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Cataloging ILL Etc.


Bibliographic Formats and Standards
From OCLC, this is a listing of USMARC field codes with the standards for each field.

Cataloger's Reference Shelf
Locate USMARC resources, an LC Classification outline, and manuals for cataloging non-book materials.

LC Marc
MARC standards and links to concise MARC 21 formats, country and language code lists.

Library of Congress Classification Outline
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CONTU Guidelines on Photocopying
These are guidelines on photocopying for interlibrary loan.

Copyright Basics Circulars
These are publications of the Copyright Office. They provide information on how copyright works and how to copyright something. There are also links to forms and other publications.

Copyright Management Center
Though this site's focus is on higher education, it has much useful information for librarians and educators at all levels. Many links are provided, with special emphasis on different types of media including Internet and electronic publications.

New Copyright Notice Requirement for Copies
The law has changed on what notice is required for copies made under section 108. This affects interlibrary loan. The site also provides links to CCG vs. CCL and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998.

Here's an online serials directory. Locate ISSN numbers, publisher information, and publication information on over 150,000 international periodicals. Or search by subject category for titles on a topic.

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Bookbinding Tutorial
Take a refresher course on bookbinding or use with new staff members.

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